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WANG Wenyan

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Chinese Name

Wang Wenyan


Professional   Title





Master   Supervisor

PhysicsOptical EngineeringAcademic Master   Degree


Electronic   Information (Optical Engineering, Integrated Circuit Engineering)Professional   Master Degree







Research Orientation:

1. New Structure Design and Physical Mechanism Research of Perovskite/Organic photodetectors

2. Electromagnetic metamaterials


Lectured CoursesCollege PhysicsBachelor


Personal experience:


Education Experience:

September 2007July 2011, DatongUniversity, Physics, Undergraduate /Batcheler

September 2011July 2014, Taiyuan University of Technology, Condensed Matter Physics, Postgraduate / Master of Science

September 2014December 2017, Taiyuan University of Technology, Physical Electronics, Postgraduate / Doctor of Engineering


Work Experience:

July 2016August 2017, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Department of Applied Physics

January 2018—Present, Taiyuan University of Technology, College of Physics and Optoelectronic Engineering


Research Project

1.        Wang Wenyan, High Response 2D Perovskite Photodetector Based on PFN/Ag Grating

Back Cathode (Project number: 61905173), National Natural Science Foundation of China, 230000, 2020.01-2022.12.

2.        Wang Wenyan, Research on enhancing narrow band response of organic thermal electron photodetectors by Surface plasmon (Project number: 201801D221029), Natural Science Foundation of Shanxi Province, 30,000, 2018.12-2020.12


Scientific Achievements


1.        Wenyan Wang, Linlin Shi, Ye Zhang, Guohui Li, Yuying Hao, Furong Zhu, Kaiying Wang, Yanxia Cui*, Effect of photogenerated carrier distribution on performance enhancement of photomultiplication organic photodetectors[J]. Organic Electronics, 2019, 68: 56-62.

2.        Kai Yao*, Hongjie Zhong, Zhiliang Liu, Min Xiong, Shifeng Leng, Jie Zhang, Yun-xiang Xu, Wenyan Wang*, Lang Zhou, Haitao Huang*, and Alex K.-Y. Jen*, Plasmonic Metal Nanoparticles with Core-Bishell Structure for High-Performance Organic and Perovskite Solar Cells[J]. ACS nano, 2019, 13(5): 5397-5409.

3.        Wenyan Wang, Yanxia Cui*,  Kin Hung Fung, Ye Zhang, Ting Ji, and Yuying Hao, Comparison of nanohole-type and nanopillar-type patterned metallic electrodes incorporated in organic solar cells[J]. Nanoscale research letters, 2017, 12(1): 538.

4.        Wenyan Wang, Ye Zhang, Ming Chen,Yuying Hao,Ting Ji, Furong Zhu, and Yanxia Cui, Efficient light trapping in organic solar cell using a short-pitched hexagonal array of metallic nanocylinders[J]. IEEE Photonics Journal, 2016, 8(5): 1-9.

5.        Wenyan Wang, Yuying Hao, Yanxia Cui, Ye Zhang, Fang Shi, Bin Wei and Wei Huang, Ultra-thin organic solar cells incorporating dielectric-coated comb silver nanogratings[J]. Plasmonics, 2016, 11(1): 151-157.

6.        Wenyan Wang, Yuying Hao*, Yanxia Cui, Ximin Tian, Ye Zhang, Hua Wang, Fang Shi, Bin Wei, and Wei Huang. High-efficiency, broad-band and wide-angle optical absorption in ultra-thin organic photovoltaic devices[J]. Optics express, 2014, 22(102): A376-A385.

7.        Wenyan Wang, Yanxia Cui*, Yingran He, Yuying Hao, Yinyue Lin, Ximin Tian, Ting Ji, and Sailing He. Efficient multiband absorber based on one-dimensional periodic metal-dielectric photonic crystal with a reflective substrate[J]. Optics Letters, 2014, 39: 331-335.


1.        Preparation method based on ultra-small period silver nanopillar array organic solar cell, patent number: ZL201610715831.6, authorization date: 2018.08.17. Second inventor: Wang Wenyan



Project Title: Surface Plasmon Enhanced Light Capture and Photoelectric Conversion Device, The second Prize of Natural Science of Shanxi Science and Technology Award, 2017