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Postgraduate Entrance Education in 2020 in College of Physics and Optoelectronic Engineering

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On September 21st and 22nd, College of Physics and Optoelectronic Engineering held an education for postgraduate students enrolled in 2020. The education was focused on loving the university, frontiers of disciplines, academic ethics and academic style construction, epidemic prevention and control and safety education, etc. The series of education was presided over by Vice Dean Wang Anbang.

On September 21st, Professor Wang Anbang talked about the history of the university and the College, and the time when the various disciplines of the College were established, which showed the rapid development of the school and the College more directly. He also introduced the distinguished alumni of Taiyuan University of Technology, highlighting the academic spirit of generations of students who dared to suffer and study hard. Everyone felt proud of being a member of Taiyuan University of Technology.

Professor Liu Shaoding gave a concrete introduction to the discipline of optical engineering, giving the students a clearer understanding of their team’s strengths and research directions. Professor Qiao Tiezhu combined the discipline of instrumentation science and technology with the development and construction of the country and Shanxi Province, and called on everyone to take up responsibility and be confident and self-improvement. Students were enthusiastic and expressed that they would make efforts down to earth and live up to their mission. Mr Zhang Yongjia introduced the background and development of the subject of physics in detail. After understanding the research content of each discipline, students watched the 2018 National Education Report on Scientific Ethics and Academic Style, and listened together to the stories behind great achievements.

On September 22nd, Dai Zhen, Deputy Secretary of the College, analyzed the current measures aiming to epidemic prevention and control. He said the epidemic is not over yet and students should still be cautious. Through the description of various safety accidents, Dai Zhen summarized the lessons from accidents and made everyone understand that safety education is always on the way.

These education activities analyzed the problems and answered the doubts for the new students, hoping that they will continue to carry forward the spirit mentioned in the National Conference on Postgraduate Education in their future path, write their thesis for the motherland and put their achievements in rejuvenation.