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Dong Wang


Professional   Title

Associate Professor





Master   Supervisor

Instrument   Science and Technology


Opto-electronic   Information




Instrument   Science and Technology



Research Orientation:

1. Intelligent instruments and novel sensing technology: Control theory and application research in intelligent instruments and research on photoelectric sensing technology

2. Novel photoelectric imaging technology: basic theory, method and application research of new imaging and related photoelectric imaging system research and development

3. Liquid crystal phased array technology and laser beam agile control technology, applied to laser processing, laser programmable orientation and scanning, etc


Lectured CoursesPrinciple of Automatic Control, Digital Signal ProcessingBachelor);Optical Fiber Sensing Technology, Pattern Recognition and Machine LearningMaster degree candidate


Personal experience:

Education Experience:

September 2009July 2013, Harbin Institute of Technology,School of Electrical Engineering and Automation, Department of Automated Testing and Control, Instrument Science and Technology, Doctor of Engineering

September 2007July 2009, Harbin Institute of Technology,School of Electrical Engineering and Automation, Department of Automated Testing and Control, Instrument Science and Technology, Master of Engineering

September 2003July 2007, Harbin University of Science and Technology, School of Measurement and Control Technology and Communication Engineering, Measurement and control technology and instrument, Bachelor


Work Experience:

March 2017March 2018, Nanyang Technological University, EEE, Research Fellow

December 2016—Present,Taiyuan University of Technology, Associate professor

December 2015—June 2016, National University of Singapore, School of Engineering, ECE Visiting Scholar

September 2013—November 2016, Taiyuan University of Technology, Assistant professor


Research Project

1.         Science and Technology Innovation Project of Shanxi: simultaneous temperature and strain sensing of distributed optical fiber over long distance and with high precision by wavefront phase correction to suppress inter-mode crosstalk of sensing optical fiber (2020.01-2021.12, PI)

2.         Industrial Science and Technology Tackling Project of the Science and Technology Department of Shanxi Province: Coalbed Methane Pumping and Fracturing Microseismic Fiber Optic Sensing Network Precision Detection System (2018.12-2020.12, Participation)

3.         National Natural Science Foundation of China project: wavefront phase correction to suppress intermode crosstalk in sensing fiber for long-range high-precision FMF-BOTDR sensing (2018.9-2021.12, PI)

4.         Innovation and entrepreneurship training project for university students in Shanxi Province: coal bin coal level laser measuring instrument (2018.06-2019.06, instructor)

5.         Shanxi Provincial Science and Technology Department project: the BOTDA strain & temperature measuring instrument (2016.6-2018.12, participation)

6.         Shanxi Provincial Science and Technology Department Basic Research Project: performance optimization and pattern recognition research of distributed light vibration sensing system (2017.9-2019.12, participation)

7.         Basic Research Program of the Science and Technology Department of Shanxi Province: highly sensitive self-excited Brillouin fiber laser temperature sensor (2016.1-2018.12, participation)

8.         Natural Science Foundation of Shanxi Province: Raman Scattering Enhancement of Brillouin Fiber Sensing Detection Performance (2016.1-2018.12, PI)

9.         Shanxi Coalbed Methane Gas Gathering and Transmission Co : commissioned project: digital real-time monitoring and surveillance technology for pipeline safety (2015.1-2017.12, PI)

10.     Multi-beam generation and three-dimensional mechanical inertia-free control methods and key technologies for particle capture and manipulation:Taiyuan University of Science and Technology 2013 Talent Introduction Research Initiation Project (PI)

11.     Fiber optic sensing and identification mechanism of dangerous source distribution in coalbed methane transmission pipeline:School Youth Fund Projects (PI)

12.     CAS State Key Laboratory of Microfabrication Optics Development Fund Project, 2013SSF13, Development of liquid crystal atmospheric turbulence simulator ( participation)

13.     National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) Young Scientist Program, 11404237, Research on the Effect of Interface on Vector Beam Super-resolution Focusing and Focal Area Spot Shaping ( participation)

14.     National Natural Science Foundation of China (NNSFC), 61475112, Signal Correlation Detection Method for Simultaneous Diagnosis of Multi-Channel Fiber Fault Points in WDM-PON Networks ( participation)

15.     XXXX X-ray study of phased array sensitive control technology, from the Defense Science and Technology Pre-Fund project ( Participation in completion)

16.     Development of XXXX phased array key components from Beijing Aerospace Automatic Control Institute (BACRI) ( Participation in completion)

17.     Development of the XXXX Target Tracking Demonstration System, from the Beijing Institute of Aerospace Automation Control ( Participation in completion)

18.     XXXX Target Dynamic Filter Imaging System Development, from a Naval Base ( Participation in completion)



Scientific Achievements

Published more than 50 academic papers and 21 authorized invention patents





1.         Dayan Li, Sujit Kumar Sahoo, Huy Quoc Lam, Dong Wang, Cuong Dang, Non-invasive optical focusing inside strongly scattering media with linear fluorescence[J]. Applied Physics Letters, 116(24):241104.SCI Indexed2020

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3.         Vinh Tran, Sujit K Sahoo, Dong Wang, Cuong Dang, Utilizing multiple scattering effect for highly sensitive optical refractive index sensing[J]. Sensors and Actuators A: Physical, 2019: 111776.SCI Indexed2019 , IF2.739

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